Transformation Challenge

*How we are fighting against Covid 19

by partnering with Air Temperature Services and Pro 3 Solutions of Madison  

Get started on a new body, outlook, and life today!!  Here is what our program includes.....


Get a Gym Membership to our Madison Location

If you live in the Madison, WI area and need a gym to workout at we have you covered.  Due to Covid 19 we are having all coaching clients reserve a time slot 3 days per week.  You will share the time slot with only one other person while the Covid 19 mandates are in effect.  We will provide key card access for you with a bathroom and changing room.  You will have 45 mins for your workout and 15 mins for stretching and changing of clothes.  We provide water and sweat towels but not showers, sorry. 


Custom workout design with a 6 or 12 phase progression

Workout design will be challenging and changing you.  This can be done at home or the gym.  We will focus on strength training with a cardiovascular component and progress you to higher intensity workouts.  Calories burned each workout is our main goal with making sure each workout is done safely and effectively.  These workouts will be delivered through our app.  

Done for you meal plans and Nutritional Coaching

Meal plans are 100% dietician approved.  We expect clients to follow these recommendations as best they can.  We understand that each person will have different needs nutritionally.  We expect clients to track their food so we can review it and make changes as necessary.  Nutrition is also tracked in our app.

Accountability check-ins and bi-weekly calls


For you to be successful and for me as your trainer/coach we must communicate with each other on how your workouts are going as well as what food you're eating.  We need each person to do an initial assessment of weighing yourself, taking inches measurements, and a photo of yourself.  Then we will have you weigh in each week and inches will be taken at the end of each phase of the program.  We also need you to track your food using our app so I can see what you're eating and then we will discuss your progress in a phone call every 2 weeks.

You can also email me once each week if you have questions or need exercise modifications.

Recipe Manual

Complete cookbook filled with whole-foods based, incredible recipes like One-Pan Balsamic Chicken & Vegetables, Quinoa Bowl, Caribbean Lettuce Wraps, Cucumber Mint Smoothie, and a lot more!  This comes complete with a grocery list and perfect portions guide

*This program is not for everyone.  If you are looking for a quick fix this is not the program for you.  To get real lasting results we need commitment and time to get the job done

Added Bonuses

Success Manual

You’ll get a 25-page Client Success Manual designed to empower and educate you about nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle.  It's loaded with success tips and strategies to help you get the best results possible.

Goal Setting and measurement Guide

Accountability is key for people to be successful.  We don't believe in shaming people into results but to encourage.  Tracking the measurments helps use to understand what we need to do to make adjustments as we go.  For instance, I had a client who worked his butt off and didn't lose a pound for the first couple of weeks doing the program.  He was also on a calorie portioned meal plan so it should have been an easy 2-5 lbs. lost each week.  However, I realized he needed to modify the meal plan and after that he dropped 5lbs. a week and lost 100lbs. with me.  If we didn't weigh in I wouldn't have known we needed to modify the diet!  

Dining out guide for results

 You will get the tools you need to be successful when you go out to eat! This dining out swap guide will show you how to turn any restaurant menu item into a delicious, healthy, and challenge-friendly alternative.

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Hi my name is Corey Rake with my beautiful wife Shannon by my side.  We are the owners of Ignite Fitness and Im the head trainer.  Shannon is our fitness nurse and we are dedicated to helping people lead healthy and fit lifestyles.  As parents of 4 little children ages 8, 7, 5, and 2 years old we know how hard it is to overcome the struggles of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle.  The struggle is real and we are looking for people who are ready to make this change in their life.

In my 15 years as a personal trainer I've helped over a dozen people lose 100lbs. or more in our weight loss program.  Plus many more have lost big numbers as well, so no matter how out of shape or unhealthy you are we can help.  You can see some of our testimonials below.  We believe in creating a fun, uplifting, and judgement free workout experience for all of our clients.  Making the lifestyle change is difficult so we want to make your experience with us positive and encouraging so you will complete the change.  


Due to Covid 19 we have extremely limited space so we are only accepting people we believe to be ready to make the change.   I want you to ask yourself "do I need to lose weight?"  "Do I want to look good and feel good about myself?"  "Do I want to make a positive life change that transforms me into the person I've always wanted to be?"  If you answered yes to any of these questions than you need to fill out our short application so we can get to know a little more about you.  Then we will contact you to set our fitness assessment.

Check out our Transformations Below

*12 week to 12 month transformations results vary*

LeAnn Austinson

I beat stage 4  Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and got to my heaviest weight of 312lbs.  After beating cancer I decided to beat obesity and train with Corey.  Im now down a total of 130lbs.!!

Sara Gebert

I had my thyroid removed and I stillI lost 32 lbs. in 12 weeks and 13 inches across my entire body.  If I can do this so can you.  I was scared in the beginning but Corey knows how to get you over your fear and keep you moving forward to your goals!  

Uchenna Jones

After doing Body Revival and losing 76lbs. I started doing marathons.  Now Im down 100lbs. and the motivation from Corey has inspired  me to help others lose weight!

LeAnn Lost 130lbs

Build the confidence like Uchenna to run a marathon or pursue other dreams you thought you couldn't do 

We help people like Sara overcome their struggles and setbacks 

Become a leader like Jan to help encourage others in their fitness journey!

Or maybe you just need to lose that extra baby weight and get back on track.  Don't wait and put yourself onhold any longer.  Your health, fitness, and life matter so take it back today!

Guys Don't feel left out.  You can get in on this too!!

Before and After - Metal Texture (Chris)

Chris lost 90lbs in 6 months

Before and After - Metal Texture.jpg

Rick lost 30lbs in 28 days!! 

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